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Choosing an HVAC Company

Your HVAC equipment is part of a complex system that plays a critical role in providing good air quality and ventilation in your home. With the right HVAC company, you can be assured that your heating and cooling requirements will be met to a T.

HVAC Contractor State Requirements

HVAC contractors have to adhere to certain licensing, insurance/bonding, and continuing education guidelines, depending on the state in which they operate. There are general requirements, however, such as contractors having a minimum of two years experience with HVAC systems, and passing a written test. With the rapid advancements in the world of technology, contractors may also have to take ongoing courses related to their trade as a requirement for keeping their license.

Your Needs

Before hiring an HVAC company, consider the brand and model of your equipment, along with its maintenance background. Also check which rooms in your home are too hot or too cold. This will help you decide faster whether a potential contractor is knowledgeable enough about your system and can give you the services you need.


Ask for recommendations and do spend time talking to these people, asking them what they think of the contractor you’re considering. After all, nothing’s better than first-hand information.


HVAC contractors with a license will have a state Construction Contractors Board number or something similar, and it must be found on their website. If you don’t see it there, call them and ask. When you have the number, contact the state board to know if their license is active. Also ask the company for proof that they have liability insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask for such details. Good HVAC contractors will be happy to provide what you need.

Client References

Before deciding on an HVAC contractor, ask for at least three client references. Then call these people and ask them how satisfied they were with the contractor’s performance.
Also inquire if they would hire the same people in the future.

Written Estimates

If you need to replace your old HVAC system, expect the contractor to take measurements of your home, as well as inspect your ductwork, windows and insulation. The bid should be given to you in written form, itemized with all details including warranties.


Online reviews can be very helpful when you want to know the reputation of an HVAC contractor. It’s important, however, to stick to trusted third-party websites where testimonials are generally credible. Marketing websites are often full of fabricated reviews which can be highly misleading.


Finally, don’t confine yourself to a single HVAC contractor prospect. Instead, consider two or three different companies so you can make comparisons and make a smart choice.

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