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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Drum Head

A good quality drum head is essential in producing the best quality music and it is important to carefully look for the right one because not all types of drum heads give you the same drumming experience. In order to get the best of the drum head you are going to buy, you have to choose carefully whether it is thin or thick enough for the type of music that you usually play because each type of drum head produces different types of music. Each drum head has different features that you have to carefully look unto in order to make the most of your purchase so in this article, we will help you compare these features. If you wish to know more about the types of drum heads that you can choose from, read more here.

In an entire drum set, the part that is mostly used is the same part that needs to be regularly checked and changed and this is very true to drum heads because the more you use the drum head, the more it affects the quality of music it produces. It is not ideal to use the same drum head for a long period of time because it can really affect the quality of music that your drums produce so experts advice to change your drum heads after six or nine months of use. But the frequent usage of your drum kit is still important to consider because if you don’t use it more often, you don’t have to change your drum head as often.

But if your drum head is ready to be changed, here are some of the factor that you need to consider when looking for a new one:

Drum heads can ether be single ply or double ply and both of these types of plies actually produce different quality of music. The single ply has a thin surface while the double ply has a thick surface. The thickness of the drum head is very important because thicker drum heads have an edge when it comes to durability and it is also a lot louder, not very sensitive and needs more attack when played. However, the thinner ones lack durability, sounds more subtle, and requires less attack for its sensitivity. Discover more about the various types of plies here.

The next important thing for you to take note is the surface finish. Your drum head can either have a black, clear, coated, pre-muffled and hydraulic finish. The first type of drum head surface is the clear finished and it is known for its sophisticated design and loud sound. There are various brands that offer clear drum heads and if you want to be redirected to the website that sells the best clear drum heads ever, view here!

Another world famous type of drum head surface is the coated one. This type has a white polymer finish and it gives your drum head a more vintage look and gives your sound a drier, crisper and a lot warmer tone. To get the best quality coated drum heads, click here!

There are also some other types of surface finishes including the hydraulic, black and the pre-muffled so if you are interested to learn more about these types of drum head surfaces, view here in order to read more now!

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